What is Clever!Lab?

Clever!Lab is the digital twin of the laboratory. With context intelligence, reasoning and a new publishing paradigm it changes the way of work in a laboratory. Integrating the worker in a cognitive way, we rearrange manual tasks, speed up data capturing and enter a new level of safety and productivity.

Using speech recognition, visual understanding and workflow analysis, Clever!Lab creates „skills for the environment“. The laboratory now can act. The laboratory now can communicate and it can observe and help the worker.

With Clever!Lab we enter the last mile – that since the beginning of chemistry has escaped from control and process metering.

Your Benefits

Lift your laboratory, the return on investment and the user experience of your laboratory worker to a new state-of-the-art level. Refocus on science and innovation with Clever!Lab:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Improve Safety
  • Measure the Unknown
  • Augmented Training


Enhance Productivity

Eliminating double tasks and combining processes will result in cost savings. Clever!Lab skills remove task switches and boring documentation steps, so the worker feels more fluid in his daily work. Also calling for assistance or asking a colleague will be much smarter with the collaboration features of Clever!Lab.

Due to the fact that Clever!Lab is context aware, you dont have to type all information over and over again into different systems. Clever!Lab remembers what you have done lately and brings the current activity into the right relation to the data.

Increase User Experience

One of the most efficient human to machine interactions: the human language. But voice interaction not only enhances productivity and reduces human error, it also increases user experience and fun at work. Working in a Clever!Lab environment is fast, easy, intuitive and efficient. The perfect requirements for happy employees. And maybe a good point to create interest of new high-potentials for your company.

Improve Safety

Being in the job for many years always comes at the cost of beeing somewhat lazy. Clever!Lab reminds you not to forget safety rules. The AI based system actively reminds you to wear your security glasses based on visual recognition. Later versions will recognize if you are drinking or eating. Even authorisation levels down to single devices and specific areas of the laboratory can be a skill of Clever!Lab.

Measure the Unknown

We have seen this so many times: the same recipe, the same lab, but two workers get different results. It is obvious that the current methods for measuring the working steps are not fine enough. Clever!Lab helps you to get more detailed data of what the workers are doing. We even have the possibility to record not only objective data but also subjective findings.

Augmented Training

Yes, also with the best SOP you can forget how to handle special functions on a HPLC. In this case you can ask Clever!Lab to help you. The system looks up the manual and tells you what to do. Clever!Lab has conversations. Also the training module offers the opportunity to help less skilled workers in doing more skilled business – to save costs or to relocate your business to foreign countries with lower standards.

We respect Data Privacy

Data privacy and code-of-conduct policies are very important to us. It is our mission to get aligned with your works council and local trade union federation to remove data privacy concerns as well as to comply with the legislation in force for your environment (i.e. GDPR).


Speech Recognition

One of the most efficient human to machine interactions is the human language. Without touching any devices or keyboards, humans can transfer information. We use our Clever!Lab Voice User Interface for a seamless integration of the worker into the laboratory environment.

Visual Understanding

What device is in which position? Where is the person in the room? What are the movements the person is doing? All this can be analysed by visual understanding. Cameras* in the laboratory record and analyse the scenery. Maybe there is sunlight on the table and you wonder why you sometimes get different results?

*) Of course we are aware of the sensitivity of this type of data. With our partners we help you to agree with the workers union and manage the transition process for adopting this new technology for the new generation.

Big Data Recording

Not only positive findings are worth to be recorded. All findings even the false ones are worth to be recorded! With the results in a Big Data lake we are able analyse all data and your data scientist will find patterns even years later. Even when currently you might label your data not to be useful. But that may change! Now also your dark data is not lost!

With Clever!Lab we introduce a new type of data: cognitive data. “What happened in the laboratory” will be a part of audits for your customers and suppliers. it will be a part of quality analysis in the future as long as the laboratory is not fully automated.

Analysis and Prediction

Manual tasks are movements. And movements are part of processes. It is obvious that the analyses of these steps bring optimisation results. Even just knowing the current situation will take you a step forward in a scientific view.

Subjective Findings

Scientists have invented so many types of sensors and actors but still the subjective opinion of the worker is an underestimated asset. As Clever!Lab makes it easy to record speech into text, these findings can be entered very easy and may later be a substantially source of further analyses.

Clever!Lab Showcase: Wacker Innovation Center

A good example of how we’ve re-invented the laboratory work with Clever!Lab is our showcase at the Wacker Innovation Center. We’ve connected the lab worker with an MBraun Glovebox for a hands-free experience.

We as laboratory solution provider Labs31 are convinced that Clever!Lab 1.0 will significantly help laboratory experts to increase their fun and productivity.

Wilfred van OostManaging DirectorLabs31

The use of artificial intelligence in the chemistry lab could be the disruption we’ve been waiting for for so long. Clever!Lab is a milestone.

Dr. Alexander MadlInnovation Designer


Start small and make it big with Clever!Lab Eye

Digitalizing the laboratory is one of the biggest challenges of today. It is the basis of adopting state-of-the-art technology like AI and voice-driven applications and the foundation of Clever!Lab. To enable digitalization in every laboratory worldwide, we’ve developed Clever!Lab Eye. Clever!Lab Eye is an IoT device with built-in artificial intelligence that reads and digitalizes laboratory equipment. With IBM Watson technology, laboratory industry partners and our experience in software engineering for more than 25 years, we deliver an outstanding solution that lifts chemical and pharma laboratories into the digital era.


Building your Laboratory of the Future

Congratulations! You are on your way to build the laboratory of the future based on AI, human to machine interaction with voice and the patent-pending Clever!Lab technology. Integrating Clever!Lab into your laboratory has different phases and depends on your current infrastructure standards. That’s why we highly recommend you to get in touch with us and to schedule an introduction phone/video call with our expert team.

1. Send Email

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule a phone/video introduction call.

2. Phone/video call

Exploring the Clever!Lab Universe and the benefits for your company. Analysing current laboratory infrastructure to build a roadmap.

3. Presentation

We will present your individual Clever!Lap roadmap to you and your stakeholders to discuss further plans and next steps.

* Pflichtfelder

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